The Karp Segall Experiment

      A remarkable synergy between guitarist JD Karp and world percussionist Ira Norman Segall that has endured more than thirty years.

      Playing improvisational music that, moment to moment, moves through, and blends all genres, the two players, in a truly unique style, skillfully and brilliantly create full, lush sound-scapes, each next moment a mystery and a surprise.

      These are remarkable players whose hearts and imaginations are able to stretch out together to find areas of composition yet untouched.

    Of JD Karp's playing, a listener said: "I constantly try to figure out where his extra hands and fingers are."

      Another adds: "They move together like a school of fish through water." and "Their playing compliments each other's.  They're generous to each other and to the music."

      Yet another: "The drums are lyrical - (Ira) makes music like few other percussionists I've heard."

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